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Kimberly Hero, born in Sweden in 1968. She is a professional photographer based out of both Oslo and Stockholm.


During her years in Oslo, Kimberly was mentored by a former fashion and advertising photographer from New York, who also has been teaching at New York’s Pratt Institute school of design. She has studied photography at Bilder Nordic in Oslo and has had an internship at Bsmart, a studio for advertising photography in Stockholm. All to get the knowledge and tools to work the way she wants.


After nine years in Oslo, Kimberly Hero finally followed her muse, moved back to Sweden and set up her own business in Stockholm. Where she now has her own studio on Stora Essingen, a part of central Stockholm. —Her photography consists of independent art projects along with commissioned freelance work, ranging from all sorts of portraits to adverting work. She also does her own artistic projects, all with her very personal touch.

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